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Just as parenting classes vary widely, so do parents and families! Parents can be anyone in the primary care-giving role: biological parents, foster parents, stepparents, grandparents, extended family members and chosen family or friends. Please take time to check out the details of each class to see if they are a good fit for you and your family. There is a list of online options at the bottom of the page. If you are looking for an option that meets specific criteria (such as case plans from court), be sure to double-check that the classes meet those requirement.

Our Resource & Referral staff are also available in-person or over the phone to talk with caregivers about questions or concerns about how their child is developing and resources for children and families. Call us at (707) 444-8293 for more information.

Parenting classes are offered periodically, depending on demand and resources available. We do our best to update this list as often as possible, but please be sure to reach out to the contact person listed to check on dates, times, and eligibility!

Positive Discipline and Community Resiliency Model®

Parenting the Positive Discipline way focuses on being kind and firm at the same time. This class provides tools to help you connect to and understand a child’s world. You will discover what works and what doesn’t through active role-play and class participation. You will also learn more about the Community Resiliency Model® that supports caregivers of all kinds in managing and maintaining wellness for themselves, as well as passing these skills along to family members.

Eligibility Criteria: Virtual Zoom class with materials provided through Google classroom.

Tuesdays from 6-8pm, 9-week series

How to Enroll: 707-444-8293

Population Served:

Parent and Child Care Provider training series. All families with children ages up to 16.

Sponsor Name:

Changing Tides Families Services


Online Parenting Classes

-- Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course:

-- Life Matters (based on “Positive Discipline”):

-- Parenting and Co-Parenting Skills:

-- Parent Project

-- Putting Kids First


Other Parenting Resources

-- One-on-one, community support to parents who have a developmental disability - Changing Tides Family Services Supporting Parenting Program

-- One-on-one support to parents who have just learned that their child has a disability or is at risk of having one - Early Start Family Resource Center/Special Needs Connection at Changing Tides Family Services