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What is a Quality Counts Humboldt Rating?

Participation in Quality Counts Humboldt is voluntary. All programs and providers rated by Quality Counts Humboldt have demonstrated a commitment to quality and compliance with California’s Child Care Licensing (CCL) requirements. The following is a brief summary of what each quality level indicates. Programs and providers mastering or exceeding high quality standards receive recognition through Quality Counts Humboldt.

How are the Quality Counts Ratings Calculated? 

An Early Childhood Program's overall quality rating is the result of the program’s demonstrated ability to meet Quality Counts Humboldt’s criteria at the time of rating. This criteria was established by the California Department of Education and the rating is a measurement of quality that is based on a program’s combined score in each of the areas outlined below:

•    Licensing Compliance: In good standing with CA Community Care Licensing and related regulations

•    Child Observation & Assessment: Evidence-based child growth and development assessment are

     used to provide appropriate and individualized learning and care.

•    Child Health & Developmental Screening: Works to ensure that all children are healthy and meeting

      developmental milestones through the use of valid and reliable screening tools.

•    Teacher-Child Interactions: Addresses the quality of teacher-child interactions and classroom experiences.

•    Program Environment: Assesses the appropriateness of the materials, activates, care giving routines, and

      program environment.  


Quality Matters PDF by First 5 Contra Costa

Ratings provide parents with an inside look at a program’s overall performance within the Quality Counts Humboldt rating criteria.There are five possible ratings that a Quality Counts Humboldt participating program can receive:

Five Possible Ratings

Participating Programs in Quality Counts Humboldt

  • Name                                                                        Type                     City                      Rating
  • Centers

  • Alice Birney State Preschool                                   Center                     Eureka                     Mastering Quality               

  • Arcata  Preschool & Head Start                               Center                    Arcata                     Rating in Progress   

  • Blue Lake Preschool                                               Center                 Blue Lake                   Exceeding Quality            

  •  CR Child Development Center                              Center                  Eureka                       Mastering Quality 

  •  Fortuna Preschool & Head Start                             Center                  Fortuna                     Mastering Quality 

  • Lafayette Preschool                                                  Center                  Eureka                      Mastering Quality

  •  Morris State Preschool                                            Center                  McKinleyville           Mastering Quality

  •  Winzler Children’s Center                                        Center                  Eureka                     Mastering Quality

  •   Family Child Care Home

  • Ana Tejeda Family Child Care Home                      FCCH               Eureka               Mastering Quality

  •  Bertha Maldonado Family Child Care Home         FCCH               Fortuna              Rating in Progress

  • Leovigilda Lopez Family Child Care Home            FCCH               Fortuna             Mastering Quality

  • Maria Herrera Family Child Care Home                 FCCH              Fortuna             Rating in Progress

  • Morgan Kelley Family Child Care Home                  FCCH              Willow Creek     Exceeding Quality 

  • Nina Surbaugh Family Child Care Home              FCCH               McKinleyville     Achieving Quality

  • Rosa Sanchez Family Child Care Home               FCCH               Eureka              Rating in Progress 

  • Tami Evans Family Child Care Home                    FCCH               McKinleyville    Exceeding Quality