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We can help you apply for CalFresh! CalFresh is a supplemental nutrition assistance program that can help you buy more fresh, healthy food for you and your family! Apply online, call for an appointment (707) 444-8293, or just stop by our office!

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We can help you apply for CalFresh! CalFresh is a supplemental nutrition assistance program that can help you buy healthy, fresh food for you and your family. Call us at (707) 444-8293 for more information, to make an appointment to apply, or just come by our office-someone is always available. You can also apply online at

Food for People, Inc. Children's Free Summer Lunch Program is starting soon! Here is the schedule.

Information for Parents

*NEW* Online Resource for Understanding Child Care Licensing. This resource page includes information for providers and parents and families, and uses videos as well as written information to explain topics like the how licensing works, parents’ rights in child care, what to look for in choosing a provider, and how to file a complaint.

Interested in learning more about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders? Click here to watch a video made locally with Humboldt County residents and professionals

Kindergarten Readiness Information

Parent Resources and Information from the Humboldt County Office of Education

Tipping Hazards Information: English or español

Check out the CCFPR Nutrition Newsletter! Edition 17, Edition 18, Edition 19, Edition 28

Lead Poisoning Prevention Resources: Mayo Clinic and Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Safe Sleep Information from the American Academy of Pediatrics: English or español

New Changes to Car Seat Laws effective January 1, 2017

How to Talk to Children About Tragic Events:

-Talking About Tragic Events / Como hablar sobre sucesos trágicos:

-Explaining the News to Our Kids / Como explicar las noticias a nuestros niños:

-How to Talk with Children After an Act of Terrorism / Como hablar con sus niños despues de un acto de terrorismo:

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Classes and Services for Parents

Strong Families Classes

Keet-kah 'Ne-chyue, which means Strong Family in Yurok, brings together Native American families to encourage them to set and reach their goals and to provide education and support through pregnancy and their children's most important years.

This program is open to all members of a family caring for a child under the age of 5 years old who is eligible for services at United Indian Health Services, Inc.

This also include grandparents, aunties, and anyone who is helping to raise our young children.


*Starts July 14th, 2020 and every second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

Over Zoom

Call United Indian Health Services to Register 825-5000


Motherhood and Fatherhood are Sacred

Call Two Feathers to pre-register and to see if you qualify 707-839-1933

Every Wednesdays and Fridays on Zoom


The Supported Parenting Program
-provides in-home, one-on-one support to families in which one of the parents has a developmental disability. Activities include in home parent education, life skills education, parenting classes, and socialization activities. Participants must be referred by the Redwood Coast Regional Center, (707) 445-0893.

For more information, call Changing Tides Family Services at (707) 444-8293 or visit 2379 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501.


Parent Circle
Participate in a safe space where parents and caregivers talk about the challenges and victories of raising a family throughout these times. Through individual deep self-reflection and peer-to-peer learning, participants explore their strengths and learn from others about how to implement strategies into their families.

Starts: July 8th, July 15th, July 22nd, July 29th Wednesday from 2:00 to 2:45pm

Contact Katie at or text 970-212-6812

For anyone caregiving or parenting children 0-8 old

Facilitated by First Five Playgroups



An in-home based curriculum taught in three modules: health, safety, and parent child or parent infant interaction.  Meets court ordered parenting requirements.

Eligibility Criteria: 

Parent or parents of children ages 0-5

How to Enroll: 

Call Linda Villano at 707-441-5075 or 707-445-6031 to make a referral (can be self-referred)

Population Served: 

Any parent that would like to know more about parenting strategies. Parents of children that are at risk; adolescent parents; parents who lack social or financial support.

Bringing Baby Home

The bringing baby home program is a class designed for families who are expecting a baby or have children under the age of 3. It helps couples prepare for the transition to life with a new baby. It focuses on parental relationship skills such as avoiding conflict and how to keep your relationship strong once you have children. It also talks about forming relationships with the new baby and how crucial it is to have opportunities for play, self care, etc. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

Anyone who is parenting a child

How to Enroll: 

Contact Katie Allen 970-212-6812

Population Served: 

Parents and Caregivers

Child's Age: 

Pregnant or with children under the age 3

Sponsor Name: 

First 5 Humboldt

The Parent Project®

The Parent Project® is an 11-week course on parenting a strong-willed teen. When the tools and skills that worked for the compliant child don’t work with your teen…it’s time to consider a different strategy. We teach you how to parent the child you have. The Parent Project is offered through a partnership between Humboldt County Office of Education, local school districts, Humboldt County Probation, and many stakeholder agencies. The curriculum generates a lot of parent discussion, and the facilitators observe that parents adapt information to work within their family and ethnic cultures.  Topics include: substance use, truancy, defiance, poor school performance, law breaking, and constant arguing.  Meets criteria for court ordered parenting requirements.

Eligibility Criteria: 

Any parent or guardian of a child age 10 or older

Virtual through Zoom Thursdays 9:-11:00am 11 Week Series

How to Enroll: 

Call (707) 825-2538

Population Served: 

All families with children ages 10 & up.

Child's Age: 

Pre-teens and teens (ages 10-18); also addresses adult children still living in the home

Sponsor Name: 

Humboldt County Office of Education

Survivor-Artist Cohort

A twice-monthly meeting space for people who identify as survivors of abuse or assault to create, discuss, and receive feedback on artwork related to their experiences of harm and healing. Artist of any media are welcome including painters, poets, musicians, collage artists, etc.

Facilitated by Ariel Fishkin

Register :

Supported by Humboldt Domestic Violence Services

New Mother’s Support Group

New times have created great change and challenges. We are offering a space for pregnant and new mothers to process what it’s like to be a parent in the midst of all of this uncertainty. Please join us for a time to reflect, share and process with others who are having a similar experience.


Group session Wednesdays from 11-12 via Zoom

Individual check-in sessions available as well.


To register or receive individualized support please contact us by email or phone at

Katie can be reached at 970-212-6812 Scarlet can be reached at 707-499-5538

Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga

These free online classes strive to help women stay flexible, strong, and aligned at a time of rapid change in the bodies.

Thursdays from 2:30-3:30p,

Facilitated by Kate Maguire

Funded by DHHS/First Five ACES

Infant Massage Class

Free 5 week Online Class Starts August5 to August 26th, 2020

Days/Times Wednesdays: 5:30 to6:30pm

Pre-register through Arcata Play Center or (707)845-5208


Future Parenting classes: Currently inactive due to COVID, but as things may change rapidly, always feel free to contact

Parent-Implemented Interventions: Teaching Social Communication to Children with Autism and Parenting with Positive Behavior Supports

Parent-Implemented Intervention entails parents directly using individualized intervention practices with their child to increase positive learning opportunities and acquisition of important skills. Parents learn to implement such practices in their home and/or community through a structured parent-training program. May start in the fall.

 Shelby Peterson, BCa.B.A


901 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka, CA 95501



(707) 445-7000

Parenting with Love and Logic

Instructs parents how to respond to frustrating situations with love and empathy and allow logical consequences to teach kids lessons.  Creative suggestions give parents freedom and allow children to make choices to gain skills in responsible decision-making.

Eligibility Criteria: 

Open to anyone

How to Enroll: 

Call Rose Baker at (707) 496-6070

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P--Level 3 Primary Care)

Triple P Level 3-- Primary Care generally consists of four one-on-one sessions between a parent/caregiver and Triple P practitioner.  Triple P Level 3 is for parents/caregivers of children aged 18 months-12 years old experiencing a specific child behavior or parenting issue.  Some of these issues include: tantrums, whining, hitting, and coping with stress, but there are many more Triple P Level 3 can cover.

Conscious Parenting Strategies

6 week course focused on conscious parenting strategies: Non-violent communication, self care and child awareness. Court ordered approved class.

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP)

STEP is a 7 week parenting program for caregivers of children aged 0-6 years old. STEP covers topics, such as understanding young children, building self-esteem, communicating with young children, effective discipline, and nurturing social-emotional development.

Has stopped because of COVID Betty Chinn, Call 707-4073833


-Parenting classes:these are offered periodically, depending upon demand and resources available.

--Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course:

--Life Matters (based on “Positive Discipline”):

--Parenting and Co-Parenting Skills:

-One-on-one, community support to parents who have a developmental disability

-One-on-one support to parents who have just learned that their child has a disability or is at risk of having one

-Consultation in-person or over the phone to discuss parents’ concerns about how their child is developing and resources for children and families.

-Call us at (707) 444-8293 for more information