Child Care

Child Care Subsidies: Get Help Paying for Child Care

State and local funds are available to help parents pay for part of the cost of child care provider of their choice. Child care providers must meet certain critera in order to be reimbursed for child care services. Child care providers must allow parents unlimited access to their children when the child(ren) are in care. Choices may include licensed centers and homes, friends or family members, or license exempt centers. Child care subsidy programs that support parent choices are:

-Alternative Payment Program

-CalWORKS Stages 2 and 3

-Family Child Care Home Education Network (Network homes only)

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Child Care Eligibility List (CEL)

The eligibility list for any Changing Tides Family Services child care program. See more>>>

Child Care Referrals—FREE!!!

Child care referrals to all listed child care providers in Humboldt County. Help in selecting a child care provider. Child care consumer education. See more>>>

Quality Counts Humboldt (QRIS)

Quality Counts Humboldt is the Quality Improvement and Rating System (QRIS) for early care and education programs in Humboldt County. See more >>>

Family Child Care Home Education Network

Specialized, subsidized child care services within a network of licensed family child care homes. Services include developmental assessments, programs with a defined curriculum, parent conferences, nutritious meals and snacks. See more, including program handbooks >>>

Early Head Start Child Care Partnership

This year-round program is funded by the California Department of Education and serves children age 0 to 4 years old whose family is also under the federal poverty line and enrolled on the Family Child Care Home Education Network (FCCHEN) full-time.  Families will have a dedicated Family Services Specialist to assist with enrollment, maintaining eligibility, and meeting family goals.  Participating providers will have a dedicated Early Education Specialist to assist with curriculum and regular child assessments.  Providers will also receive a monthly per child stipend in addition to the FCCHEN reimbursement while the family is eligible.

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Enrolled children will be assisted in their journey to school readiness through:

-comprehensive services that includes help accessing medical, dental, and mental health services,

-assistance to maintain enrollment, access community resources, and meet family goals, 

-high-quality child care in an environment that is safe, nurturing, age appropriate, stimulating, and promotes the healthy development of each child,

-regular assessments for health and educational needs, and

-parent involvement as families develop advocacy skills to support their own goals.

A family may be eligible if receiving public assistance (TANF/CalWORKs/CalFRESH), Social Security Income (SSI), has taken in a foster child, or is homeless.  Children with an IFSP/IEP are welcome.  Families may also be able to transfer from another Early Head Start within Humboldt County (documentation required).  We also welcome previously enrolled children (within 60 days of leaving the agency in good standing). 

Child Care Foster Bridge Program

The Child Care Foster Bridge Program was created to address a lack of child care as a barrier for families otherwise willing to bring a foster child into their home by providing vouchers for child care and child care navigator services for Resource/Foster Families, as well as Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) training and coaching for child care providers to enhance their ability to provide nurturing and safe environments for children. 

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Support to Child Care Providers

-Help in becoming licensed

-Support to license exempt providers

-Workshops and training opportunities

-Site visits

-Business practices trainings

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Child Care Food Program

Reimbursement to child care providers who serve nutritious meals and snacks to children in care. See more>>> 

Policies and Procedures

Click here to view Changing Tides Family Services' Uniform Complaint Procedures in English & Spanish.

California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Uniform Complaint Procedure (English)

California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Procedimientos Uniformes para Quejas (espaƱol) *pending update from CDSS